EMP Hawaii Congratulations on IAEM Certifications

Congratulations to our EMP Hawaii members who during the recent application process were just informed that they have completed their International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) certification requirements:

Sergeant Major John Craig, Certified Emergency Manager
Mr. Peter Hirai, Certified Emergency Manager (just recertified to 2020)
Ms. Jessie Kozel, Associate Emergency Manager
Mr. Jimmy Lagunero, Associate Emergency Manager

We also have several other members whose applications are being processed by IAEM and hope to hear the good news soon on their applications as well.

For any member interested in obtaining this international and industry recognized certification as an Emergency Management Professional, please let us know.

We’ve worked with members who are familiar with the process, and could educate them in preparing their application, as well as have coordinated local testing for those needing to sit for the IAEM written exam. We’ll also scheduling additional opportunities to take the IAEM exam later this year.

Jimmy Lagunero, AEM
2015 EMP Hawaii President


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