Membership/New members

Our organization provides networking, professional development,  training, and mentoring opportunities to the membership.

    • Network with other Emergency Management professionals from agencies at the Local, State and Federal level, as well as non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.
    • Learn from other Emergency Management professionals about the latest issues through presentations provided by members of EMP-HI.
    • Receive and post notices of Emergency Management related jobs and volunteer opportunities

Become a Member! 

Individual Member: An individual professionally engaged or interested in the promotion of emergency management.

Organization Member: Membership for business, corporation, organization or government agency for up to four representatives.  

Student Member:  An individual attending school or a recent graduate and/or someone who just entered a job market and is seeking emergency management as a profession.

Benefactor:  Similar to the organization member except EMP-HI offers various advertising and promotional benefits.

Click here to fill out our membership form on-line

To pay your membership dues, please go to the following site:

Click here to pay your membership on-line

Any Questions?  Please fill out the following information:


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